i got a malchi puppy

Good morning everyone!

I am a bit late in introducing y'all too my new two month old puppy, but I wasn't even looking to buy a new puppy for awhile but my Aunt wasn't coping well with her so I swooped in and offered to purchase her as a playmate for Scarlett when I am not around. The new puppy is a Maltese X Chihuahua, and her name is Violet. She has definitely taken more after the Chihuahua as you will see in the photos below!

Isn't she an absolutely adorable, Scarlett couldn't be happier to have a new little playmate in the house. I must say though Scarlett definitely does get carried away when playing with her and has made her yelp a couple times, so I need to watch them whenever they are playing because Violet is still very small compared to Scarlett and I don't want her getting injured. I am looking forward to when she is fully grown  and once she has her final vaccinations so I can start walking her in the mornings, I have had to put a hold on walking Scarlett as I don't want to risk bringing back Parvovirus as it is deadly to dogs.

Make sure you everyone goes and watches the video below, its me videoing a meet and greet with Violet!

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