we redesigned the goldfish pond area

Hello everyone,

First I would to give a moment to all Ukrainian's for all the aggression and war that Russia has undertaken on them. The whole world is thinking of all everyone and admiring the bravery people have for picking up arms and fighting for the freedom of your country, I hope the Western countries will step in soon to aid with forces on the ground. 

Whilst war is going on in the world my Mother and myself got stuck into some much needed Pergola redesigning. The Goldfish Pond that we have underneath our pergola was starting to look very nasty, being its under cover the plants we added kept dying as they weren't getting enough sunlight but then we had a great idea to remove all the plants from the water and add some wooden planks to the top of the pond so we can put potted plants on top of the pond. I personally didn't think it would turn out as nice as it did, I am kicking myself because I forget yet again to take some before pictures.

I had great fun getting out into the yard and doing some work. For most of yous that Subscribe to my YouTube, you will already know that Australia was hit with severe flooding and record amounts of rain so for the past week we have been locked inside staying dry and safe. Lucky for when I live we weren't effected by any floods as our suburb is on higher ground, I had to get the mowing done today as the grass was so long!

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"Wars dont bring lasting peace, only lasting death."
Janet Morris


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