Sunday, 22 November 2020

what a week can do

Hello everyone!

Been a very long time since I have graced you with a blog post. I have been on Annual Leave from my Full time job for the past week and it has made me think about some stuff, such as why as a society do we work most of our lives and miss out on the joys of actually living. Whether that be spending quality time with family or getting out and surrounding yourself with friends, life shouldn't be just about working. After much thinking I thought it would be best for me to request to go Part time so I can work on other passions of mine for a bit, yes money will be a bit tighter but I have feeling everything will work out for the better this way. An added bonus to the request is now I will get to spend Christmas and New Years at home with my pets and family and I couldn't be happier about that, for the past three years I have worked on both these days and it's been exhausting.

The photos above were taken roughly over two months ago I'd say, my Mum, Brother, Scarlett and I went out on a days adventure into the country side to visit a beautiful site Darlington Park. I couldn't resist taking some shots using my DSLR of Scarlett next to my car, isn't she just the cutest Miniature Poodle you guys have ever seen?

Our Goldfish pond outside is doing great. The fish in the pond consists of one Shubunkin Goldfish and two Oranda Goldfish, its hard to believe that when we purchased them they were so much smaller but they are getting quite big now and might be in need of a bigger pond soon.

Thats me til next time, hopefully it won't be as long!

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"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."

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  1. Great post, Aaron! Love the pics. That was such a great day out at Darlington Park. Love the quote!

    I'm sure you will enjoy that extra much-needed time. Love Mum xo