tis the christmas season

Hello again,

I wanted to share our Christmas Tree set up this year as for the past couple years we haven't had one to setup but this year I decided to buy one. It's only a cheap one from Target but the tree looks amazing set up in the house, it has ornaments on that my mother has painted over the years.

I came across some cool stockings for me to put my dogs and cats presents in, sadly there wasn't any bird or reptile related ones but they will still get spoilt this Christmas! Pet City was also selling a really neat Ginger Bread house for cats to scratch and rest in so I ended up getting one of them to put next to the tree, which Kya my mother's cat LOVES!

It's always great fun setting up the house for Christmas with my family. We play Christmas music and just have a great time putting tinsel and ornaments on the tree, what are your Christmas traditions?

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